5 Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Professional Maintenance in Vancouver, BC

Gas fireplaces are amazing appliances – they bring all the charm and comfort of a traditional fireplace, but without you having to worry about firewood or soot spreading around the house. But like any other device, you must always be attentive so that it is in perfect working order.

That way, you avoid both unnecessary maintenance expenses because you waited too long to call a professional and any damage to your family’s health. So watch out for the following signs on your gas fireplace.

Signs That Your Gas Fireplace Needs Maintenance

If you have the impression that your fireplace is no longer working as usual, pay attention to these details.

  1. Soot Accumulation

Although gas fireplaces are much less messy than a traditional fireplace, it’s still common to see a little soot on the glass panel or near where the flames come out. But if you notice that the buildup has increased over time – to the point where you have to clean it even more often, it could indicate a problem. In general, it can mean an imbalance in the flow of gas and oxygen. Try to decrease the flow of gas and see if there is a decrease in soot buildup. If not, call your fireplace maintenance company.

  1. Smell of Gas

Gas fireplaces are already designed to be safe, that is, so that there is no gas leak. Even so, eventually it can happen. If you notice that the smell is very present, turn off the fireplace, open windows and doors to help with air circulation and, if possible, leave the house for a while, until the gas disperses. In this case, it is also essential to call a professional to investigate where the leak is – keep the fireplace off until you find and repair the problem.

  1. Smell of Burning

Since the fireplace works with gas, you shouldn’t smell burning. If this is still happening, it may be because of some debris buildup that needs to be cleaned. Clean well around the fireplace and near the flames – if the odor still persists, contact a professional.

  1. Pilot Light Not Working

If you notice that your furnace pilot light is not lighting up, you already know that this indicates a problem, right? Well, the same goes for the fireplace. This may indicate that a part (the thermocouple) may be worn or damaged. In any case, a professional should carry out the evaluation and change it if necessary.

  1. Turning On and Off

If your fireplace is running inconsistently – that is, it turns off by itself right after you turned it on – it could mean a series of malfunctions. You will also need a professional to evaluate the case.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance in Vancouver, BC

If you are in the Vancouver and Burnaby area and are having problems with your device, please contact us. We at Nation specialize in both the installation and maintenance of gas fireplaces and can help you keep your appliance running smoothly. To contact, click here.