Converting a Traditional Fireplace to a Gas Fireplace Vancouver: Is It Possible? How to Do It?

If you follow our articles here on the Nation Heating blog, you must have seen that we explained a little about gas fireplaces – types and functions – recently. After all, it is a very practical device and a great option to keep a house warm without dirt and without having to worry about firewood. And if you’re inclined to have one installed in your home, you may be concerned about whether it’s possible to convert a traditional one into a gas model. And the answer is yes, you can!

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about here today – if you’re interested in this change, read on to understand better.

Why Convert a Traditional Fireplace Into a Gas Model?

In general, gas models are more efficient and more practical, you light the fire in a matter of seconds, simply pressing a button – these are usually the main reasons that lead people to make this conversion. In addition, the entire use of the fireplace is cleaner, since you don’t have to worry about cutting and storing wood or the soot and ash generated in the burning.

What is Needed Before Gas Fireplace Installation?

If you’ve already made up your mind to make the switch, a few simple actions are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of your new gas fireplace. For starters, your chimney needs to be clean and there can be no damage to the masonry. Some types of fireplace require direct vent inserts, and this demands that the fireplace has no obstructions.

You also need to have the correct size gas line for your chosen fireplace installation. In this case, a professional specialized in this type of device can help you better.

Gas Logs or an Insert?

If you choose the traditional gas insert option, this means the fireplace will be designed to fit into the traditional fireplace space and will have a steel pipe placed in the chimney opening. The fireplaces with gas logs are made to work independently of the chimney opening, they are like closed boxes designed to work without the need for a venting system.

In general, insert gas fireplaces tend to heat the environment better – but a professional can also help you choose the best model according to your needs and the space you have available.

Gas Fireplace Security Tips

As you can imagine, it is not safe to try to make this change alone, without the help of a trained professional. The technicians specialized in this type of equipment are trained to carry out a safe installation, according to the rules of each city or region.

In addition, they test the entire operation of the equipment, so that there is no gas leak, which can happen when the installation is not done properly (and consequently, can cause damage to the health of those who live in the house). On a day-to-day basis, you should also make sure that leak detectors are working properly.

And if you’ve decided to switch and would like the help of professionals in the Vancouver and Burnaby area, please talk to us at Nation heating and we can help you choose the best model, in addition to doing the entire installation.