Vancouver Gas Fireplace: How Does It Work and Which Is the Best Model?

One of the most desired decoration and air conditioning items these days are gas fireplaces. And so, like many products in high demand, there are several types of gas fireplaces. The traditional wood burning fireplace is falling behind, being used less and less. As a more attractive alternative the gas fireplace has become the most sought after. However, its installation must be well planned to avoid problems in the future. That is, it is important to enlist the help of an gas fireplace installation expert before making any decision.

Therefore, we have gathered in this article some important information for those who are thinking about having a gas fireplace installed.

First: How Does a Gas Fireplace Work?

The gas fireplace is very practical and functional. At first, it only needs copper piping, a register in the place where it is placed, a safety device that cuts off the fuel outlet if the flame goes out and a gas point that is where the flame comes from.

The gas can be natural or liquefied. It is interesting to have an independent record, so that in cases of maintenance it is not necessary to cut off the gas in the entire house. Its activation is done by a button, similar to a stove, or even by a remote control.

Smaller fireplaces do not need to have a chimney, however, it is still recommended, so that the carbon dioxide from the burning goes away faster. Anyway, it is interesting that the space be ventilated.

There are two main models of gas fireplace

  1. The “linear fireplaces” that have volcanic stones and need a masonry niche to be placed. This niche is a box with a central space where the fireplace fits.
  2. The “ceramic wood” (or log), is a false wood that is placed on the burner, imitating the traditional wood.

Advantages of a Gas Fireplace

The main advantage of a gas fireplace is that it does not emit smoke and does not generate ash. Consequently, it’s cleaner. You don’t feel “smoky” from being in a smoky place. And because of that, it can be installed anywhere in the house.

This model also does not have a constant supply demand, as with wood-burning fireplaces. Thus, they allow more comfort and practicality. The gas fireplace avoids the heavy work of buying, storing and handling firewood.

Another positive point is the fact that the heating of the volcanic rocks is maintained for a longer time, even when the fire is low. That is, it keeps the room warmer beyond what is conventionally expected.

The gas fireplace can also be custom made to exact specifications. You can even opt for one or two lines of fire. It can be a cooktop model, box format, among several other models. Likewise, you can choose the type of finish you want, making it a unique and exclusive decorative accessory.

Although the gas fireplace has a significant initial cost with its installation, operating costs are lower than decorative electric or ethanol fireplaces, for example.

And the Gas Fireplace Maintenance?

As much as gas fireplaces do not generate soot or ash, cleaning is still necessary. On a daily basis, you can clean the outside of the fireplace to prevent dust from accumulating there. Also, it’s important to schedule an annual professional maintenance on your device.

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