Vancouver Gas Fireplace Repair: What Is the Lifespan of the Appliance and How to Keep It Working Well for as Long as Possible

Gas fireplaces are incredible appliances: they manage to combine the charm of traditional fireplaces with the practicality we seek today. That is, with them it is possible to heat and decorate a room without the need to buy and store firewood. And if there’s no firewood, there’s another good news: there’s also no need to deal with the soot and ash that a traditional fireplace generates.

If you’re in the process of deciding to have a gas fireplace installed in your home – or even if you’ve moved into a property that already has one of these appliances, our post today can help. In it, we’ll talk a little about the lifespan of gas fireplaces and how to keep them always working well, so they last for decades.

Gas Fireplace: What Is the Lifespan of the Appliance

To talk about this, we will approach the subject in parts. Check it out below.

  1. Firebox

A number of different models of gas fireplaces are available on the market today – such as direct vent or ventless, for example. But they all work with a firebox, a box usually made of galvanized steel. This is a very resistant material – because of this, the lifespan of this part of the fireplace is decades. The firebox can last more than 50 years.

As much as this specific part does not require much maintenance, the internal paint can peel from time to time – it is important to remember that it must be repainted with specific paint to withstand high temperatures like stove paint, for example.

  1. Burners

Gas fireplaces also have burners, which is where the fire goes out. These parts are also usually made of very strong and durable material, such as steel or aluminum. And they even receive a coat of paint suitable for fireplaces, which is made to withstand high temperatures and protect them from oxidation or rust. These are also long-life parts – with proper maintenance, they can perform well for up to 30 years.

  1. Gas Valves

Today, we can find a series of gas valves available on the market – from the simplest (which only work with an on/off switch) to electronic options, with different modules control.

And because they are quite different, the models also have a very different lifespan – simple models can last more than two decades, while more technological models generally last a little less.

  1. Ceramic Logs

In this item, we also have variations according to the material used in the manufacture of these components. Ceramic refractory gas logs models, which are made of reinforced cement, may begin to show signs of wear after the first ten years of use. With ceramic fiber gas logs, this usually happens earlier, from the first five years of use – even though they can continue to work for up to ten years.

  1. Pilot Light

Finally, we have the pilot light – a component whose lifespan is directly tied to how it is used. When left on constantly, the pilot light can have its parts worn out in a few years. But if used correctly, they can exceed a decade of use. On the bright side, this is one of the easiest components of a fireplace to replace – and it doesn’t cost much either.

How Can My Fireplace Last Longer?

As we discussed in this text, gas fireplaces are formed by some very robust components, whose useful life can exceed decades. And others whose durability depends a lot on how the fireplace is used – this includes both day-to-day care and cleaning and periodic professional maintenance.

This means that even if your gas fireplace appears to be working well, it still needs to be inspected by a professional annually. That way, you can keep it in perfect condition for longer – and, of course, you can ensure the health of your family. We never get tired of saying: gas appliances are safe, but should be checked to prevent leaks.

Gas Fireplace in Vancouver

If you would like to have a fireplace installed in your home or if you need maintenance on your existing one, please contact us at Nation. Our professionals are trained and can help you with your questions, with maintenance or even installation – in addition to offering support to choose the best model.