Need Furnace Repair in Burnaby? Check Out 8 Signs That It’s Time to Call a Professional

Have you noticed any different signs in your furnace working? Has your equipment not been inspected by a professional in a long time? Are you afraid the device will just stop working on a cold, rainy night? Is your furnace very old? If you said yes to the above questions, it is quite likely that you have neglected preventive maintenance on your device.

For cases like this, we’ve separated some items to keep an eye on – if you’ve already noticed one or more of them in your furnace, call a professional as soon as possible. Also, it’s always worth remembering that devices like these need annual professional furnace maintenance – even if there’s nothing visibly wrong with it. It’s what we call preventive maintenance and it’s a simple way to avoid headaches (and higher expenses) to make repairs or even replace your furnace. Check it out below.

Signs You Need an Emergency Furnace Repair

Watch out for the following signs:

  1. Yellow Flame

Every now and then, check your device’s pilot light. The flame must be blue. If it is yellow or even orange, it could indicate that the gas is not burning hot enough. Also, there may be some carbon monoxide leakage. This is a serious problem, which can even increase the risk of fire. Never try to fix this sort of thing yourself – call a professional!

  1. Monoxide Detector Goes Fff

Since we talked about carbon monoxide in the topic above, it’s worth mentioning here too, as this is a serious problem. If your detector keeps turning off, don’t ignore it! The same goes for the pronounced smell of gas (it’s similar to rotten eggs’ odor). This could be indicative of a leak and should be fixed as soon as possible.

  1. Noises

Do you sometimes hear any different noises coming from the furnace? Many people hear, but ignore this signal because the device continues to work normally… But it is important to know that, if ignored, simple unusual noises can turn into a nightmare, as they can be indicative of something serious. A buzzing sound may be linked to electrical connections (which also increases the risk of fire). A screeching sound can indicate wear of parts; and banging or popping, a problem with burnings.

  1. Furnace Won’t Shut Off

If your appliance continues to run continuously, even when the ideal temperature has been reached, this could indicate a lack of communication between the furnace and the thermostat. In general, this can be either an electrical or a mechanical problem.

  1. Leaks

If you start to notice that the room where the furnace is is with puddles of water or a lot of steam, this could indicate that there is a leak. Turn off the device and contact a professional to inspect it.

  1. Dust

If you’ve started to notice that there’s more dust in the house – especially near the furnace, of course – this could also indicate a problem. It could be dirt in the filter, for example, or even indicate that your device’s useful life is coming to an end, as it may be working harder to heat the house.

  1. Higher Bills

If you are spending more to keep your home warm without major changes to your home or lifestyle, this indicates that something is causing your appliance to be inefficient. Schedule technical assistance.

  1. Cold house

Finally, usually the sign that turns the warning light on in most people’s heads: the lack of heating comfort. If even with the thermostat adjusted properly, you still feel cold, this indicates that there may be dirt or damage in the ducts.

How Does the Furnace Repair Work?

Preventive furnace maintenance performed by Nation includes a checklist with around 30 items. This means that the technician will assess the function and parts to make sure everything is working well, as well as do the proper cleaning as needed. This means that the professional will look for leaks, blockages, corrosion, cracks and other common problems, in addition to checking if the ignition, flame sensor, engine and electrical connections are working as they should.

This is essential for your equipment to continue working at its maximum power without putting your family at risk or breaking unexpectedly.

Furnace Repair in Burnaby

If you have noticed something wrong with your furnace and need assistance in the Burnaby area, please contact us. Our professionals are thorough and can help you keep your device working perfectly. To contact us and request a quote, click here.