Gas Fireplace Maintenance in Vancouver & Burnaby: Tips to Keep Yours Running Smoothly

With each passing year, gas fireplaces become more popular: many people end up switching from traditional wood-burning fireplaces to these more practical, smoke-free and easy-to-use ones. But even so, fireplaces need occasional professional maintenance, in addition to the daily care needed to keep it running smoothly. And if you have a gas fireplace or are considering installing one, keep reading this article to get a better understanding.

Daily Gas Fireplace Care in the Lower Mainland Areas

For starters, keep an eye on the general appearance of the gas fireplace – all the pieces must be well fitted and the glass must be intact, with no cracks or crevices. Also, clean the glass well from time to time, preferably using specific products or vinegar avoid flammable products or products with ammonia in the composition.

Also take the opportunity to vacuum the inside of the gas fireplace, there is often dust, pet hair, small insects and other particles that accumulate there. Inspect ceramic logs to make sure they are intact, often these pieces start to deteriorate. Logs will generally last up to ten years, but if heavily used they can have their lifespan shortened to 3-5 years old.

There are also some specific precautions regarding gas inlets always keep an eye on carbon monoxide monitors. They must always be in place to ensure the safety of the artifact and your family’s. Pay attention to the traditional smell of gas, if you feel that there is some kind of leak or uneven flames, it may be time to call in professional maintenance.

Finally, it is quite common for the gas fireplace to be installed in the same place where the traditional wood-burning fireplace used to work. If this is the case, it is also interesting to always check that the fireplace is unobstructed to avoid accidents.

When Professional Gas Fireplace Maintenance Is Needed

Preferably once a year and generally early summer is a good time to schedule your fireplace maintenance. That’s because most likely it was used a lot over the previous months, so it’s time for a professional to check that everything continues to work well and safely.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance in Vancouver and Burnaby

Nation Heating & Cooling has professionals trained to maintain, replace parts and install gas fireplaces in the Vancouver, Burnaby and across the lower mainland areas. So if you are thinking of installing one in your home or need some type of maintenance, please contact us.