HVAC Maintenance in Burnaby: When is the Best Time to Schedule Professional Assistance?

When HVAC appliances are working perfectly, it’s all too easy to just ignore the manufacturers’ advice and skip periodic maintenance. We know well that if there’s nothing wrong with your heating or cooling equipment that you need to fix, the temptation to just let it go is real. But to convince you of the importance of calling a specialized technician regularly, we can make a simple comparison: if you have a car, it is quite likely that you will take the vehicle for periodic inspection even if you don’t notice anything wrong with its operation, right?

After all, you know very well that having to stop on the street because of a car problem can take time and give you a lot of headache – and most importantly: it can put your life at risk. With HVAC, your reasoning should be the same: better to choose on periodic and preventive maintenance than waiting for something to go wrong to ask for help.

And we, at Nation Heating, believe it is important to emphasize the importance of equipment maintenance – in addition to indicating the best time to call a professional to evaluate each equipment. If you need help with yours in the Vancouver and Burnaby area, please contact us and we can help. In the meantime, we bring you some relevant information below.

How Does Burnaby HVAC Maintenance Work?

In general, when a Burnaby HVAC professional is going to perform preventive HVAC maintenance, he will follow a checklist with a series of important items to examine, to make sure that everything is working well. This check goes beyond what is possible in daily care, such as changing filters and cleaning the outside of the equipment. The professional will also be able to tell you the best ways to use each device to optimize its operation and avoid future problems. Take advantage of this moment to pick up precious tips!

But When is the Best Time?

The best time to schedule preventive maintenance is always before the time of year when that specific equipment will be used the most. For air conditioners, in general, autumn or winter are the most suitable periods. For heating equipment, the ideal would be during spring or summer. At these times, you are likely to be able to schedule days and hours that are more convenient for you, as professionals should have fewer emergency calls for maintenance.

For most air conditioners or furnaces, it is ideal to schedule this maintenance annually. If you have a heat pump system that is used year-round, it is best to schedule maintenance every six months.

Stay tuned!

In this article, our focus is to encourage you to schedule your periodic maintenance even if your device doesn’t show any noticeable signs of problems. But if you notice something strange, of course you should call a technician as soon as possible. So, if you notice signs such as unpleasant odors, poor air flow, air that doesn’t heat up, uneven temperature in the house (cold rooms and other very hot ones, for example), increased electricity bills or strange noises, it’s time to call for assistance. 

HVAC Maintenance in Burnaby

To talk to Burnaby HVAC Contractors – we carry out an evaluation of your device and can help you with preventive maintenance, replacement of parts or even replacement of devices.