Need a New Furnace in Vancouver? Learn About the Steps Involved in Installing New Equipment

We know well that furnaces are equipment made to last for many, many years. That is, with the right care, this is not a subject you will need to worry about very often. But eventually the time for replacement arrives. Therefore, it is interesting to know a little about how the installation of a furnace is done so that you are not caught off guard regarding the steps involved.

Do I Need a New Furnace in Vancouver?

If you’ve been using the same equipment at home for more than 15 years, it’s likely that the time to change it is near. But usage time should not be the only indicator, be aware of the following signs:

  •  Your electric bill is constantly increasing, even though your family’s habits haven’t changed drastically;
  • You need to call your trusted technician for repairs many times a year;
  • Shortly after the repairs, new malfunctions are already occurring;
  • The temperature in your home is uneven, with colder areas and others very hot ones;
  • The furnace makes a lot of noise.

How to Choose a New Furnace Device?

If you have changed your furnace more than 15 years ago and need a new one, that has at least one positive point: the industry is always evolving, which means that the equipment you find on the market today is much more modern and efficient. than the ones you found more than a decade ago.

When choosing a new device, however, it is important to consult a trusted professional – if you are in the Vancouver area, we at Nation Heating can help you with this task. And, of course, as much as the price is essential at the time of the decision, remember to also evaluate your costs in the long run. Here, we have also given you some tips on how to choose a good company to help you.

Ask your HVAC professional for help to better understand what your maintenance and even electricity costs would be over the next few years. You’re likely to find that it’s worth investing in a good device now rather than paying more over the next decade. Remember that this is a decision that impacts your finances for at least ten years.

Pre-installation Steps

With your new furnace already chosen and installation time scheduled, check with the company in charge if there are any indications to be followed before the date. In general, the recommendations are to leave the place where the device is located as free as possible. So, if you have other furniture or objects nearby, remove them to make the professional’s work as easy as possible.

A professional can also advise you on the need for pre-installation repairs – you may need some in the ducts, for example. Check these questions before installation, that way you avoid wasting time having your installation postponed because of some other problem.

Furnace Installation

As we have already pointed out a few times in this article, the installation must be done by a professional. Do not try to do the DIY-style installation, as the process has a series of steps and mistakes can damage the device and compromise its functioning. For simplicity, the furnace installation includes four steps:

  •  Installation of the furnace cabinet;
  •  Connect the furnace to the ductwork;
  • Connect the furnace to the power source (electricity, natural gas, propane, etc.)
  •  Testing of all systems and general functioning.

With everything ready, your new furnace should be in perfect working order and will only need preventive maintenance after a year of operation.

Furnace Installation in Vancouver

If you came to this post because you are in the process of replacing a furnace or other appliances, such as air conditioning and heating, please contact us. Nation Heating has nearly 20 years of experience installing and maintaining HVAC devices. Our Vancouver furnace installation professionals are licensed and assured to guarantee the best service and results.