New Boiler Vancouver BC: How Can I Choose the Best Device for My Home and My Family?

If you are having problems with your boiler and are considering replacing it with a more modern model, you have probably come across issues such as:

  •  Is the size of the boiler I already have at home suitable for my family?
  • Will there be changes in the pattern of hot water consumption in the coming years (like more people living in the same house, for example)?
  • Will I have changes in the size of the house in the near future?
  •  Are there more modern and efficient models available on the market today?

In other words, there are a number of factors to be considered. After all, this is a decision that must be made thinking about the long term – a good boiler should last many years. With that in mind, we have prepared a small guide that can help you make a good choice for your needs.

What Are the Types of Boilers?

Before moving on to the tips on how to choose a boiler according to the needs of your family, it is interesting to know a little about the types of appliances available on the market today.

  1. Conventional Boilers

Conventional boilers are devices capable of heating water and keeping it stored in a tank, where it can remain for hours until used in the house. It is a system widely used in large properties, with many bathrooms and intense use of hot water.

As negative points of this system, it should be noted that the tank occupies a considerable space. Also, if the amount of water stored runs out, you need to wait for the boiler to fill the tank again to use hot water.

  1. Combination Boilers

For homes with less space, combination boilers can be the ideal option, as they don’t need a tank. These are boilers that provide on-demand hot water directly from the mains. There are also combination boiler options that have a tank type, for homes that have a little more space – it stores excess hot water for later use.

  1. System Boilers

For properties that don’t need as much hot water as a conventional boiler is capable of storing (or don’t have space for the tank), but still need more hot water than a combination boiler can provide, a good option are system boilers. This type of equipment, unlike combination boilers, is not connected to mains.

It heats and transports high temperature water through a cylinder, allowing hot water to be transferred to multiple faucets and showers at once.

And How to Choose the Best Type of Boiler For My Vancouver Home?

Now that you know better the main types of boilers available on the market, it’s time to choose which one best suits your family’s needs. So, review these items:

  • Available space: unless you are willing to do a renovation, the space available for the boiler is an essential item when choosing the appliance. If you don’t have space available for a hot water tank, you already eliminate the conventional option.
  • Existing system: It is generally easier to maintain the same type of system that you already have in your home. Unless, of course, it’s not enough for the house’s needs.
  • Use of hot water: in a house with several bathrooms and where hot water is used at the same time in more than one room, it is interesting to think of a conventional boiler or system boiler.

And What About Boiler Size?

Yes, in addition to the type of boiler, you also need to decide its size. A large house with two floors and three bathrooms, for example, will need a larger boiler than a small house with just one bathroom. The same goes for power – for a house with a shower, 24-30 kW is usually enough. For larger homes, 30-35 kW works best.

Boiler Installations in Vancouver

To help you make the best choices, both in terms of boiler type and power, it is always best to talk to professionals. They can help you find the best option for your family. If you are in the Vancouver area, please contact us at Nation Heating. We work with both maintenance and installation of boilers and we can help you with this task.