Your Boiler Is on but There’s No Heat? See What Could Be Wrong

Few things are more invigorating and relaxing than taking a nice hot shower after a hard day’s work. However, all these good feelings tend to fall apart when we open the valve and realize that there is no heated water coming out of the shower and that the boiler has stopped.

If you have a boiler system as a hot water source, chances are it stopped working properly. Whether due to the wrong installation, defect of some component or malfunction of some part of the system. But what could have happened and what to do in this situation? See in this article what steps to take.

Most Common Boiler Problems

1. Heater Turns on and Then Turns Off

It could be a fan rotation problem. It occurs when the fan, which expels carbon monoxide from the equipment, starts to make more effort to turn, which makes it lose efficiency. Therefore, the monoxide is not expelled and ends up accumulating in the heater, causing overheating. This results in the equipment being shut down for safety reasons.

It is common for the cause of this problem to be dirt, as it accumulates in the fan and makes it difficult to rotate over time. The natural wear of the part is also another possible cause. Both cases reinforce the importance of preventive maintenance to avoid unpleasant situations and maintain the gas heater’s efficiency.

2. Heater Turns off After a While

It could be a lack of gas. It is a similar problem to the previous one that we commented on. The difference is that in this case the gas reaches the boiler, but in a smaller amount than is necessary for it to work. The problem may be related to low gas pressure. Only a gas supply company will be able to help you in this case.

3. The Boiler Doesn’t Even Turn On

It may not seem like it, but lack of gas is a very common problem. In this case, the problem is not with the boiler itself. Often the problem comes down to the closed registry, but the causes can be diverse. For example, a problem in the supply of the gas company or some failure in the structure of the building, with the general register closed. A practical way to check if the gas is arriving at your home is from the activation of your oven (if it is also gas, of course). In this case, you will also need to contact the company directly to request the reopening of the registration or to understand what went wrong.

Ah, it seems obvious to say, but it doesn’t hurt to remember: check if your gas bill is paid! Another very obvious problem is with the pilot flame, if your boiler needs a battery to start the flame, check to see if it doesn’t need to be replaced.

4. The Boiler Is Leaking or Making Strange Noises

If in addition to not working as it should, your boiler is also leaking or making unusual noises? In this case, you may need the help of a professional to understand what may be happening – it may be that your device needs a part replacement, for example.

Boiler Maintenance

If you need maintenance on your boiler in the Vancouver area, please contact Nation Heating & Cooling. Our expert boiler professionals are trained and can tell you what may be happening with your device. Boiler maintenance includes cleaning; controls, safety and efficiency testing; checklist of all parts and a general overhaul of the device. Contact us for more information about how to fix your boiler problems.