How Can I Get the Best Out of my Boiler? 6 Tips That Will Increase the Life of Your Boiler Device in Vancouver

Taking the time to care for and maintain your boiler on a daily basis is a very simple way to ensure that your device is always efficient. This helps to extend the life of the equipment, avoids unforeseen expenses and also saves you from inconvenience (such as malfunctioning right when you need it most!).

With that in mind, we’ve separated some very simple tips that will help you keep your boiler running smooth.

All About Boilers

If you’ve come this far because you’re still researching HVAC equipment, it’s worth remembering that we’ve already given you some valuable tips here on the Nation blog. Here you can read a little about the differences between boilers and furnaces. Here are some tips so you can choose the best device for your home and family. If your case is the opposite, that is, you suspect that you will need a boiler replacement soon, read this post.

How to Keep the Boiler Working Well?

Now, moving on to practical tips, stay tuned to keep these care up to date.

  1. Keep the Device Clean

From time to time, take the time to clean the outside of your boiler. This may seem like an unimportant task, precisely because it is simple, but it helps to prevent the appearance of oxidation and rust in the pieces. It is also worth remembering that you should not try to clean the inside of the boiler – leave that task to a qualified professional.

  1. Watch Out For Leaks

When cleaning, be aware of possible leaks. Signs such as puddles of water near the boiler, dripping water or even the appearance of oxidation can indicate cracking – and the sooner this is noticed, the better. Contact a professional as soon as you notice something out of the ordinary, ok?

  1. Test the Thermostat

Thermostat malfunction is among the most common problems with this type of appliance. If you suspect yours isn’t working well, check it out. To do this, increase the temperature and try to see if the heating system responds to your command. If not, try changing the batteries – it’s a simple thing, but a lot of people forget!

  1. Keep Your Boiler Running

Leaving your device off for long periods of time (during the summer, for example) is not the best option. That’s because if the system is idle for long periods of time, it may have problems getting back up and running later. To avoid this, turn the boiler on for about 15 minutes every week.

  1. Watch Out the Pressure

Another very common problem is low boiler pressure. So, every now and then, check the gauge on the device – it should indicate a pressure between 1.0 and 1.5 bar, which is what most manufacturers indicate. It’s important to keep an eye on this number because you can catch any potential problems before they escalate.

  1. Professional maintenance

This is the simplest tip – and yet one of the most overlooked! After all, all you need to do is contact your trusted professional and schedule your annual preventive maintenance.

We always like to emphasize here the difference between preventive maintenance and maintenance for repairs – in the first case, the professional will do a check and ensure that everything is working well. These appointments are often faster – and cheaper. Unlike repair maintenance, where something has already gone wrong and you know you will have to spend more on replacing parts or even the whole device.

Boiler Installation and Repair in Vancouver and Burnaby

If you are following the tips in this post and you are still noticing some malfunction on your device, it’s time to call professional help. If you are in the Vancouver or Burnaby area, this task is simple: click here and contact us at Nation. Our professionals are trained and specialized in HVAC appliances – they will carry out a thorough inspection of your appliance and will be able to advise you on the next steps.