Burnaby Boiler Replacement: 5 Signs That Is Time for an Update

Is your boiler not working like it used to? Is the device too old? Is boiler maintenance getting more and more frequent (and more expensive)? If so, these could be signs that your device’s lifespan has come to an end – keep reading this article to better understand if it’s time to upgrade to a more modern option.

Do You Need to Change Your Boiler?

Read the topics below – if your boiler device falls under one or more of them, contact a reputable boiler repair company that can provide you with the best upgrade options.

  1. Is Your Device Very Old?

Yes, boilers are quite durable equipment. But, of course, nothing lasts forever. Most appliances have a lifespan of 15 to 25 years – so, analyze your situation carefully. If yours is already over 20 years old, it is quite likely that replacing it is the best decision to make. After all, the older it gets, the more it will require maintenance (which means more money spent and more inconvenience for you and your family).

  1. Do You Notice Anything Weird?

Here, we are talking about obvious signs of malfunction: the water is not heating up, the appliance is leaking or dripping, the equipment is making strange noises… All of them indicate a need for professional maintenance. But depending on the case, it may be better to change the device.

The lack of hot water can indicate anything from thermostat failure to failure of motorized valves. If the device is leaking or dripping water, it may be indicative of a defective part or even corrosion (more on that below). And finally, if you hear strange noises, it could be a structural problem.

  1. Do You See Corrosion?

Today, most devices are already manufactured in order to avoid corrosion of the parts as much as possible. But even then, it can eventually show up – and it’s important to remember that corrosion is the process that precedes rust. This means that, in most cases, corroded parts are still salvageable, but if you wait too long, rust can make maintenance impossible.

So stay tuned: periodic professional maintenance can identify the first signs of corrosion and act to eliminate them. But if it happens often, maybe it’s time to change your device.

  1. Are Costs Going Up?

If professional maintenance costs are getting more expensive each year (and more and more small problems seem to arise) or your electric bill has gone up significantly without major changes to the property, it’s possible that the time for a replacement has arrived. That’s because it’s better for you to opt for a more modern device than postponing that moment and spending more and more each year (and still having to make the switch eventually).

  1. Boiler Keeps Switching off Itself?

The boiler shutting down by itself is always a sign of problems – it could be low water pressure, a defective valve or thermostat problems. In any case, these signs are indicative that it is time to update the device, especially if added to one or more factors indicated above.

Boiler Replacement in Vancouver and Burnaby

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