Willingdon Heights

This bustling neighborhood is present in North Burnaby and is a mix of both new and old apartments and houses. The northern boundary runs along Hastings Street (the heart of the area) and is bounded by Lougheed Highway. This highly walkable neighborhood is home to a busy commercial strip, a mall, a large transit hub, and new residential developments. Since it’s close to both transportation corridors and transit, it’s a great place for development. Most of the housing here is single-family homes, but a lot of them are being renovated while some are replaced by larger modern homes.

One of the most desirable things here is the community garden, where residents can walk, cycle, tennis, garden, or play on the swings. Everything you could need is present here, including recreational facilities, schools, parks, transit, medical services, tennis courts, restaurants, cafés, small boutique shops, and grocery stores.

In fact, there’s no lack of recreational facilities and shops in the area. Just east of the area is Brentwood Mall, while to the north is the Eileen Daily Pool & Fitness Center. There are lots of parks and schools present throughout the neighborhood. Another highlight of the area is Willingdon Heights Park, which has a few walking trails along with amenities like community gardens, swings, and tennis courts.
The neighborhood is also well-connected and has quick access to Highway One to the Fraser Valley, while Hastings Street leads to Vancouver. Transit in the area is also great, with buses connecting it to the surrounding community and a SkyTrain that goes to Coquitlam and downtown.

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