UniverCity, located on top of Burnaby Mountain, is a sustainable community adjacent to SFC. It’s home to more than 5000 residents and has won numerous awards for sustainable planning & development. New residential towers offer extensive building amenities and 1, 2, and 3-bedroom options. It’s the ideal housing area for SFU students, with all the necessary amenities, and expansive views of Vancouver and Burrard Inlet.

The neighborhood is divided into 4 areas: West Highlands, University High Street, the Slopes, and East Highlands.
Western Highlands is nestled between trees and trails and offers great views of the North Shore mountains and Burrard Inlet. Its proximity to both the SFU campus and the services and shops on University High Street provides residents with great convenience.

University High Street is an activity hub and features a public plaza along with convenient access to services, restaurants, and shopping. Think of it as a village-style block with residences and more than 25 local shops, including a Subway, coffee shops, a hair stylist, and even a Scotiabank branch, linked by pedestrian pathways. All the buildings (mixed-use) in the area include everything that residents might need. It’s the heart of the entire community and provides a space for concerts, festivals, and other events for both residents and students.

The South Slopes is a terraced hillside community with low-rise, wood-frame family homes. Both the terraced design and the overall slope in the area provide excellent views of Mount Baker and southern Vancouver Island.

And finally, East Highlands is the first area that was ever developed in UniverCity and is located towards the east of Burnaby Mountain. It was primarily designed for convenience, accessibility, and beauty, which is why residential buildings are within walking distance from the university campus, services and shops on University High Street, and even to transit.

Burnaby, BC
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