Big Bend

Big Bend is the southernmost area of the city, and it’s situated on the Fraser River’s watershed. It got its name from the large bend that the river makes on the North Arm, and is one of the biggest neighborhoods in the city. Most of the land is used for warehouses and light industrial uses. In fact, some of these warehouses serve as movie studios for famous TV series.

The area is known for the Riverside district, situated along Willard and Meadow Avenue, which is recognized for its rural and agricultural character that dates back to the 1800s. The housing market here mostly consists of detached houses with gardens and family farms and since it has more of a rural setting, you’ll find fewer sidewalks and narrower roads.

Big Bend is also home to a deluxe townhome development off of Marine Drive, known as New Haven Close townhomes.


Burnaby BC
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