Brentwood, or Brentwood Park, is situated right between Springer Avenue to the east and Willingdon Avenue to the west, with Lougheed Highway acting as a divider between the neighborhood’s commercial and residential pockets. The area is just 5 minutes away from downtown and is centered around educational institutions and green spaces.

In recent years, the neighborhood has undergone significant transformation and as a result, countless condos and amenities have been introduced into the area. There are many luxurious-detached homes and high-rise condos in the area along a complex called The Amazing Brentwood, with more than 250 services and shops. Diners and shoppers here can find several exquisite restaurants, including Thai, Italian, Persian, and Japanese restaurants, and shops to suit different needs, such as Nike, Adidas, and H&M.

All the homes are within walking distance of all the necessary amenities, such as public transportation, specialty stores, coffee shops, bars, and grocery stores. The Skytrain station is also nearby along with forested areas, walking trails, a Whole Foods, Winners, Joey’s, and Brown’s Social House.

Parks and recreation are also taken care of. Both Beecher and Brentwood Parks are great for dog walking. Both provide forested areas and stunning views of North Shore Mountain. Kensington Park is also nearby and has a skating rink, a track, an outdoor pool, a pitch and putting course, and soccer pitches.


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