Do You Have a Boiler at Home in Vancouver? If So Check Out These Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Do you have a boiler at home? If yes, this post is for you. After all, we at Nation in Vancouver we have years of experience installing and maintaining boiler equipment, so we’ve accumulated some advice from what we usually see in homes with boilers. That way, you can avoid these simple mistakes and extend the life of your device.

Tips That Every Vancouver Boiler Owner Should Know

It is worth remembering that these tips, in addition to being simple, can still save you money (and save you from a headache!). So keep an eye out:

  1. Keep the Boiler Ventilated

Yes, boilers need their surroundings to be in order for them to work at their full capacity. Many people use the boiler room as a storage place for boxes or even a place to hang clothes. And we know well that every space in a house must be optimized, so it’s okay to store objects and boxes in the same room – as long as they’re not too close to the device, let alone leaning against it. You should be able to get around the boiler without obstacles.

  1. Insulation

When we talk about equipment whose main purpose is to heat a room, any small space, gap or hole where heat can escape can reduce its efficiency. In addition, this can also “trick” the thermostat. So, make sure both the room where the boiler is and your house in general are well insulated so that efficiency is maintained.

  1. Water Pressure

Water pressure is what makes hot water circulate through the pipes and heat your home. Therefore, it must be at the correct levels. Read your boiler’s instruction manual or ask a trusted HVAC professional for help and they will be able to guide you to the correct level of water pressure.

  1. Watch out for Radiators

From time to time, air can get trapped in your appliance’s radiators. This is a problem because it forms cold patches and prevents heat from spreading evenly throughout your home. Therefore, it is eventually necessary to open the valve to let this air escape. This can be done by yourself (again: read your device manual!!), but if you have any questions, contact us and we can help you and show you the best way.

  1. Turn on the Boiler Regularly

Maybe you have times of year when you don’t use your boiler – or even maybe you travel a lot and stay away from home for long periods of time. If that’s the case for you, remember to turn your device on at least once a month for just a short period of time, just to make sure that everything continues to work well and to prevent it from being turned off for too long.

  1. Be Aware!

You probably already know how your device works when there is no problem, right? So be on the lookout for unusual noises, loss of efficiency or other signs such as water dripping. At the slightest sign of malfunction, seek professional help.

  1. Perform Annual Professional Maintenance

Yes, in addition to daily care, it is essential to have reliable professionals who can help you in the task of keeping your boiler working well. Take advantage of the maintenance moment and talk to the professional, ask for tips and listen to the advice, which is valuable (literally, since you can save money with it!).

Boiler Maintenance and Installation in Vancouver

And if you’re in the Vancouver area, we’d be happy to help you keep your boiler running at peak efficiency. To contact us, click here.