My Hot Water Tank Is Not Working Well: Is It Better to Repair or Replace It?

Let’s say you’re taking your shower quietly when the hot water runs out without you having drastically changed your habits. The first time, you let it go. But it happens again, and not just to you – to other people in your family, too. There’s no denying it: your hot water tank isn’t working as it should anymore.

And that’s when the question arises: is it worth repairing the hot water tank or is it better to replace it? After all, you weren’t anticipating the extra expense of a new device. On the other hand, you also fear frequent maintenance that will cost you more money than a new one is worth in a few months… So, what to do? If you are in this situation, continue reading our article today to understand which would be the best possibility for you.

Hot Water Tank: Repair or Replace It?

This decision depends on a number of factors and we will address some of them in this text. But in general, there is a rule that can help: the 50% one. Contact a trusted HVAC professional and ask for a quote. If the value of the repairs exceeds 50% of the value of a new one, it is worth making the exchange. If the values ​​are below 50%, it may be more interesting to make the repairs.

We say that it “may be” because you have to remember that your device may still require frequent maintenance in the future – and that will also take your money. So, talk to a trusted professional before making the final decision.

In the case of newer devices, check first if it is under warranty (or even check if the device does not have an extended warranty) – it seems obvious, but not everyone remembers this factor. If so, you’re covered. 

In any cases, take these factors into account as well:

  1. Lifespan

One of the main factors to consider is the lifespan of the device. After all, as much as these are equipment made to have great durability, they are still not eternal. If your hot water tank is more than ten years old, consider replacing it. Remember that technology is always advancing and current models are more economical than those made a decade (or more) ago – that is, not only will you not spend on frequent maintenance of an old device, you will also save in the medium and long term.

  1. Corrosion and Rust

If you’ve noticed that any area of ​​your hot water tank is corroding or even rusting, maybe replacing the device is also the best idea. If the corrosion is still light, repairs may be possible. Rust usually corrodes materials completely and causes leaks – in these cases, even when repaired, the problem can arise more often and cause you a headache.

  1. Electricity Bills

Check your electricity bills for the last few months, has there been an increase in values ​​without any significant change in the structure of your family? If so, this could also be the fault of the hot water tank – these equipment are usually responsible for a considerable part of the electricity bills, so this should also be taken into account.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Device

And if you’ve just had your device replaced or repaired, it’s important to take some care to keep it working well for longer. In addition to avoiding hanging or supporting objects and clothes on the equipment, also remember to flush the tank completely once a year (or according to the manufacturer’s indication) – many people forget and this helps to avoid the accumulation of sediment in the base of the tank, which directly impacts the efficiency of the device.

Vancouver Hot Water Tank Repair and Replacement

And, of course, most importantly: keep your device’s preventive maintenance up to date. We at Nation have qualified hot water tank professionals to help you through the entire process, whether repairing or replacing your hot water tank according to your family’s needs. To contact us, click here.