Furnace or Heat Pump in North Vancouver? How to Choose the Best Appliance for My Home and Family

The arrival of the coldest time of year brings with it concerns about the best ways to keep a home warm. If you’re looking for a new device and you’re researching to understand which one would best fit your lifestyle – and which would best suit your family – this post is for you.

There are a multitude of devices on the market that aim to keep your home warm. But the two most common are furnaces and heat pumps. So, in today’s article, we’re going to focus on these two.

Furnace or Heat Pump? How to Choose

As we always emphasize here, it is important to say that there is no better or worse in absolute terms – only better or worse for each situation, each family and each style. That is, both are good equipment, which will help you keep your home warm and comfortable during the winter. Now, which one is the best for you is another story. Read on to learn more about each of them.


There are a number of types of furnaces (electric, propane, natural gas…), but in general they all work very similarly. They work by using a flame to heat air and push it into your home’s ducts. These are usually very quiet devices, especially the newer models.

In addition, they tend to be quick and spread heat efficiently around the house. In general, this type of device is also considered quite economical in everyday life.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps work with electricity. And the biggest difference is that this type of device can be used both to heat a room in winter and to cool it in summer. In addition, a heat pump will work by heating or cooling the air that is outside the house, while the furnace will heat it with a flame.

Among the benefits of this type of device is, first of all, the versatility of use in any season. On the other hand, they are more suitable for places with moderate climates – and not so much for extreme weather conditions.

Furnace or Heat Pump in North Vancouver

And if you’ve read this article but you’re still not sure which device to choose, please contact us. We have trained professionals ready to answer your questions and help you find the best option to keep your family comfortable and warm. To talk to us, click here.