Burnaby Heights

Burnaby Heights, famously called The Heights, is situated in North Burnaby. To the south is Hastings Street, with Gamma Avenue towards the east and Boundary Road towards the west. This area is closest to Vancouver and contains smaller neighborhoods, such as Willingdon Heights and Vancouver Heights.

There’s a lot to love about this area, and it’s no wonder that it’s famous as one of Lower Mainland’s best-kept secrets. In addition to a strong sense of community, the neighborhood has a vibrant history, numerous recreational facilities and parks, and a strip of services and shops. Vancouver Heights has post-war homes, beautiful heritage homes, and newer developments with unique westward views.

The Heights’ commercial area is a street-level shopping area with a unique flavor. The neighborhood is also home to many foodie gems (you’ll find lots of Italian restaurants), and various shops and services, including a go-to deli and meat market. To keep residents active, the area is home to the Eileen Daily Leisure Pool & Fitness Center, which features a weight room, a swimming pool with a deep tank, fitness classes, a multipurpose room, saunas, and a beach-entry leisure pool with numerous water sports. Meanwhile, the Confederation Park adjacent to it includes tennis courts, soccer pitches, lawn bowling, and a lacrosse box.

Burnaby in BC
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