Barnet Marine Park

On the shores of the Burrard Inlet, there is a shoreline park with a rich history and a beauty unique to Burnaby BC Canada.

For the Coast Salish Peoples, the area now known as Barnet Marine Park was an important place, since time immemorial, for harvesting, gathering, and processing. More recently, the area was used as a logging mill camp for about a century.

Today, the Barnet Marine Park is famous for its mountain and water views. The Burrard Inlet and related offshoot, Indian Arm, are part of the Pacific Ocean. This waterway is an important one for both industry and leisure. From the unparalleled vantage point of this foreshore area, the scenery is ever-changing.

Park users enjoy shoreline walks and picnics at any time of the day. Propane, open flame, and charcoal barbecues are allowed here. This makes Barnet Marine Park very popular for picnics, especially in the summertime. If you have a fishing licence, you can fish right from the shore here, too.

There is an off-leash area for your four-legged friends. Every other part of the park requires dogs to be leashed. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed onto the beach itself for hygienic reasons.

Another interesting feature of the Barnet Marine Park is that it is located across the railway tracks from the parking area. Occasional trains do go by, so pay attention every time you are near the tracks to ensure you stay safe. Although there is no boat launch at the park, canoes, kayaks and paddleboards can be launched right from the beach there. They just have to be carried down to the beach from the parking lot.

The Barnet Marine Park also has a café open seasonally at the weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), where you can enjoy a relaxing meal or snack. To ensure the café is open, it’s best to call ahead to be sure. In the concession building, accessible washrooms are open throughout the whole year.

Just across the Barnet Highway from the Barnet Marine Park, there is a free-to-use Mountain Air Bike Skills Course. It features a wooden pump track that’s good for beginners and more advanced users, alike.

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