Simon Fraser University

Architecture buffs will delight in walking around the Simon Fraser University campus. The main university building sits atop Burnaby Mountain in Burnaby, BC, revelling in its natural setting.

Connected by walking trails to the famous Burnaby Mountain Park, the Simon Fraser University campus also showcases wonderful views of Burrard Inlet, the surrounding mountains, and the cityline.

Nestled into a forested backdrop, this higher place of learning was built to international acclaim by famed Canadian architect and urban planner, Arthur Erickson. Erickson’s designs stressed the importance of integrating functional buildings with the natural environments surrounding them.

Simon Fraser University’s campus also received accolades for being designed as a quadrangle. This encourages people to interact more, as they cross paths with one another while travelling to and from the various campus areas. A large jade installation is just one of many interesting focal points that can be found as you wander around the campus.

There is a small shopping district nearby the campus. Here, you can find many options for eating a meal or snack while you are at SFU. For nostalgic Canadians and tourists who have heard about Canada’s love for Tim Hortons, you can order a double-double here. Just outside the Tim Horton’s cafe, there is an iconic photo spot you can enjoy.

For the more adventurous explorers among you, the walking trails between the SFU campus and Burnaby Mountain Park are numerous. Some trails are more challenging than others, but there is something for every fitness level. Throughout the hiking trails, there are monuments and murals that can be viewed.

Please be careful to stay on the trails, as some of the terrain is very dangerous if you go out of bounds. Although it’s rare, occasionally black bears and cougars are spotted along the trails there. Before you go, learn about how to best protect yourself and de-escalate any wildlife encounter to protect yourself and the animal.

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