Metropolis at Metrotown

If you enjoy shopping, dining, and being entertained, you can do all of it at Metropolis at Metrotown. This large shopping centre is located in Burnaby on the famed Kingsway thoroughfare. Metropolis at Metrotown opened in 1986, the same year the World Exposition (Expo ’86) was held in Vancouver.

At the Metropolis complex, you will find:
* Professional office towers
* Two major grocery stores
* Movie theatre
* Arcade
* Fashion and clothing stores for every taste
* Book stores
* Gift and jewelry stores
* Specialty stores
* Coffee and tea shops, including bubble tea
* Restaurants and snack shops
* Interactive play options for children

While at Metropolis at Metrotown, you can also utilize the following services on site:
* ICBC Licencing Centre
* Dental and medical offices
* Tattoo and piercing shop
* Travel agency
* Hair and beauty salons
* Tailors, shoe repair services, and optical stores
* Banking and insurance brokers

With all these options conveniently located inside one shopping centre, Metropolis at Metrotown is a great place to go in Burnaby. You can spend a few hours to get a lot of things checked off your To Do list, if needed. You can also go for an afternoon just to hang out with a friend and meander through the shops at your own pace.

The largest food court in Western Canada is located inside the mall. It is filled with many great options for any diet or preference. You can find everything from stir fries to burgers to sweet or savoury crepes at the food court. There are many restaurants located at the Metropolis at Metrotown complex and in the surrounding area. For European-style pastries, Asian noodles, rotisserie chicken, or a delicious poke bowl, there is something for everyone at Metrotown.

Getting to Metropolis at Metrotown is easy. The mall is next to the Metrotown Skytrain Station, and has its own bus loop, too. For those who drive, ample parking is available in surface lots around the outside of the mall. There is also a huge parkade underneath the entire expanse of the building.

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