Burnaby Furnace Maintenance: How to Keep Your Safe and Working Well

Furnace maintenance is essential. After all, in addition to ensuring the proper functioning of the system, there are still security issues involved. These devices can have very common malfunctions — most of them due to lack of basic care and routine maintenance. In this post, we’ll show you how you can put into practice some habits that keep your furnace on longer. In addition, combining these tips with professional maintenance carried out annually, you can extend the life of your device.

Basic Furnace Maintenance in Burnaby

1. Professional review once a year

This tip comes first and no wonder! The annual furnance review is very important for the equipment to work properly, ensuring efficiency and, above all, safety. This period is the most recommended by the furnace companies that take care of the devices, so you should be informed at the time of installation about how the procedure works.

Note the furnace installation date and, from that period, schedule a professional furnace technical review annually. This prevents accelerated heater wear, reducing the chances of malfunction. In the case of rented apartments, it is the tenant’s responsibility to carry out maintenance of the equipment, including the annual review.

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2. Keep the outside clean

The exterior of the furnace also needs frequent maintenance and cleaning. This prevents the accumulation of dirt, which can even affect the operation of the furnace’s control panel. Both dust and soap residue can cause mechanical problems in the appliance.

Cleaning is simple: use a damp cloth only on the outside of the heater. Avoid going through the tubing, as it requires greater care. This ensures that dirt does not enter the mechanics.

3. Change heater batteries regularly

It is simple, but it can cause problems when operating the furnace. Many of them have batteries to make the panel work, and it’s common for people to forget about that. It’s a simple problem, but it even generates the idea that there’s something more complex going on. Consumption is pretty low, so you can worry about changing batteries once every 6 months. This should be long enough for the panel to work properly at all times.

The Risks of Not Doing Furance Maintenance in Burnaby

Neglecting furnace maintenance on the furnace hides risks. Some of them can even put the physical integrity of those who live in the house at risk. In addition, the lack of this care in the long term directly interferes with the useful life of the equipment. See what these main furnace risks are:

1. Carbon monoxide leakage

One of the most serious problems is carbon monoxide, a gas used in heating, which can cause intoxication, even death. Regular technical maintenance prevents this gas from escaping, which can be caused by wear or even the failure of the equipment to function.

2. Explosion

It is essential to prevent chemical and flammable products from being in contact with or near the furnace. The risk of an explosion is real in these situations. Therefore, be aware that the area where the device is located must be completely clear, without any of these risk factors.

Furnace Maintenance in Burnaby

In other words, performing maintenance on the furnace is the best way to keep the equipment safe in use and in conservation. With these tips, you’ll be able to make the most of your investment – and to perform current maintenance or replacement of defective parts, please contact us. Our burnaby furnace professionals are trained to work with maintenance and repair services for all brands of furnace – that way, your device will be working well and safely.