Vancouver Heat Pump: How to Choose the Right Size Appliance for My Home?

As with any HVAC appliance, the choice of a heat pump needs to be very well thought out so that it meets your needs. This means that if you choose an appliance that is too small, you are likely to spend more time and money keeping a room warm. And if you choose one that’s too big, you’ll spend more than you need on the device.

Before moving on to the tips on how to choose the right model, here in this article you will find more information about heat pumps – in case you want to understand better this type of appliance is right for you

How to Choose a Heat Pump in Vancouver, BC 

If you have decided that you want a heat pump for your home, it is interesting to think about these questions below – they are the ones that will help you to arrive at the ideal model.

  1. How is the weather where you live? Is it too humid? Are winters too harsh, with lots of snow?
  2. What are the average temperatures in summer and winter?
  3. Is the property older, less insulated? Or is it newer and better insulated?
  4. How is the property floor plan? More open or with more rooms and walls?
  5. And how big is it?
  6. How high is the ceiling?
  7. How many people live in the house?
  8. Does the property receive direct sunlight at any time of the day?

When you contact the professionals who install heat pumps, it is quite possible that they will ask you questions like these to help you arrive at the best option. So it is interesting to already have this information at hand to speed up the process.

From there, using the data provided, the professional makes a calculation to find out the size of the room or property in cubic meters. The higher this number – and the less insulated the house is – the more kW you need. So bigger the pump.

In addition, there are two basic types of heat pumps – ground sources and air sources. The first ones extract heat from the ground – in general, they are more expensive to install, but use less energy. Air source heat pumps are visually similar to air conditioners. The installation is usually cheaper, but it’s possible that they  spend more energy.

In addition, we have options such as an inverter, that is, capable of heating and cooling a space. Until a few years ago these versions were not so common – usually you could only heat a room with non-inverting appliances.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Besides the choice of model, there is yet another factor that must be taken into account. Your heat pump needs annual professional maintenance to keep it running smoothly. If it’s not working well, this type of device can impact your electricity bill, which will be more expensive. We explained a little bit more about that here

Heat Pumps in Vancouver

To summarize, the choice of the ideal appliance depends, first of all, on the size and floor plan of the property; second, your preference for grounded or air-sourced models, depending on how much you want to spend both on installation and electricity bills. And Nation professionals can help you with this choice – click here to talk to us and answer your questions.