North Vancouver Air conditioning: Ductless or Central model? Which is best for me?

Don’t know which type of air conditioner is ideal for your home or business? Today we are going to discuss some of the main differences between the ductless (or split) and central models, which are usually the most common and used. First, you need to understand how an air conditioner works. Thus, we can detail the characteristics of each model, its advantages and disadvantages. In this way, we will be able to reach your ideal air conditioner.

Ductless Air Conditioning (split)

This model has two units – one indoor and one outdoor. The outdoor unit is a condenser – it is where the refrigerant fluid comes into contact with the external environment and thus dissipates heat. And the indoor unit is the evaporator, it’s where the cooled air comes out (and into your house). The two units are connected by pipes.

When we talk about installing one device, this is usually something simple. But if you want to have ductless air conditioning installed in four rooms of your house, for example, you will have eight units in total – four indoors and four outdoors. This requires that there are specific locations/adequate space for each of them.

A positive point of this type of device is the fact that the most modern models have inverter technology, that is, they can both cool and heat a room with less energy consumption than similar older devices. In other words, they are more efficient.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning, as its name implies, has a central condensing unit that will distribute the heated or cooled air through ducts and fans installed on the internal walls and ceilings. This condensing unit turns out to be larger – which also requires you to have adequate space for installation.

How to Choose?

The ductless models end up having simpler installation. In addition, the appliances are independent of each other – that is, you can have a temperature in the room and another in one of the bedrooms, for example. Maintenance is also often simple – both professional preventive maintenance and day-to-day care. On the other hand, some people are uncomfortable with the appearance of the devices (especially the indoor units, which are quite visible).

The central air conditioning is ideal for larger spaces and, in the rooms, it is practically invisible. As for the installation, if the property already has the ducts prepared for this, it is usually simple. If not, the work will be greater. In addition, this type of device requires more careful professional maintenance – and also requires periodic cleaning of the air ducts.

Air Conditioning in North Vancouver

If you still have questions about which model is right for you and your family or even for your company, please contact us. We at Nation can answer your questions and help you get to the best model – in addition, our technicians can do the installation and maintenance in the best possible way.